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Rule #1 in future-proofing your career

future-proofing your digital career
Keep learning!

How much time do you spend learning everyday? Rule #1 in future-proofing your career: continue to learn! Spend at least 10-15 minutes, use micro-learning, be pragmatic and apply what you learn – daily!

I would like to outline here the steps you can take to start learning straight-away, right now:

  • Outline a plan of objectives which we are trying to achieve this week, or for the next two weeks. Don’t go beyond two weeks as you have yet to get the clarity on what your priorities will be and they will most likely be superseded!
  • For each of the objectives, find out
    • What do you know
    • What are the gaps
    • What other information or knowledge which will help you do a better job
  • Find out the source of knowledge that will fill those gaps for you. A few recommendations are:
    • Google search
    • Check out books or/and publications
    • Watch YouTube/videos
    • Online learning courses such as LinkedIn Learning

The idea here is to draw out the knowledge you need immediate to do the best job possible quickly. This is NOT about gaining a formal qualification or spending weeks or/and months to beef up your CV.

Make this a habit and I can assure you that learning will quick become habitual. You will no longer be intimidated by the unknown. Rather you will start to be more curious and life will become more interesting. Find out more at Coding Happy Teens how you can tap on your strengths to excel in the digital race!

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