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Machines replacing Humans?

We love this kind of headings don’t we?! In my lifetime (another 40 years), I would say machine-driven automation 75%, machine-led analytical insights 60%, and machine-leading-human NO chance! IoT, virtual reality, RPA, machine learning, and chatbots are just a handful of them. Those are the technology functions or features that did not exist merely 5 to 6 years ago. Yet, they are expected to replace humans in performing manual tasks in every way imaginable! These technology capabilities have caused panic in the race of human vs. machine resulting in many rushing to take up new digital skills to safeguard their livelihoods. This has far-reaching impacts on society, causing great anxiety and social disruptions. In my recent engagement with technology graduates and mid-career professionals, more than 90% of them interviewed aspire to be a specialist in the areas of data science or artificial intelligence! What I have to say is this: it is unrealistic and self-defeating to expect that the entire world will just revolve around a couple of trendy technology domains. We do indeed need more of those skillsets. But just blindly jump on the bandwagon is a sure formula for failure! More importantly, it is a sure way of not having your true potentials fulfilled!… Read More »Machines replacing Humans?

Rule #1 in future-proofing your career

How much time do you spend learning everyday? Rule #1 in future-proofing your career: continue to learn! Spend at least 10-15 minutes, use micro-learning, be pragmatic and apply what you learn – daily! I would like to outline here the steps you can take to start learning straight-away, right now: Outline a plan of objectives which we are trying to achieve this week, or for the next two weeks. Don’t go beyond two weeks as you have yet to get the clarity on what your priorities will be and they will most likely be superseded! For each of the objectives, find out What do you know What are the gaps What other information or knowledge which will help you do a better job Find out the source of knowledge that will fill those gaps for you. A few recommendations are: Google search Check out books or/and publications Watch YouTube/videos Online learning courses such as LinkedIn Learning The idea here is to draw out the knowledge you need immediate to do the best job possible quickly. This is NOT about gaining a formal qualification or spending weeks or/and months to beef up your CV. Make this a habit and I can… Read More »Rule #1 in future-proofing your career

Myths & Facts – a Career in IT

1. There will not be any job without being digital. More jobs will indeed be digitalized with the majority of them automated but some of the existing jobs will be very hard to be replaced by robots. For example, mental health professionals, social workers, and occupational therapists. These jobs will be digitally assisted but will not disappear any time soon. Some of the jobs will not go away at all as they are just not economically viable to be performed by robots. And the timeline for humans to be “displaced” by a robot is at least twice the duration as recently estimated. 2. Everyone has to be highly educated, like graduating with a Master’s degree. Education is important. Full stop. And learning should continue to take place. A Degree or a Master? Not anymore! Some of the top jobs offered today no longer require you to have a formal degree. And these big digital companies are leading the pack: Google, Apple, and Ernst & Young. According to Josh Bersin, microlearning and “learning in the flow of work” will be the dominant knowledge transfer mediums going forward. Mr. Bersin is a world-known industry analyst and founder of Bersin, a leading provider… Read More »Myths & Facts – a Career in IT

Singapore is #1 in global competitiveness ranking – is it just a number game?

https://www.imd.org/news/updates/IMD-2020-World-Competitiveness-Ranking-revealed/ With numbers, you can deceive for a season, or two. Ultimately, it will not be sustainable and it will certainly show up, if the numbers are not backed by solid foundation. It is great to set and meet expectations but it is equally important to lay the foundation that will continue to, not only meet but, exceed expectations! And I believe #sg has built a solid foundation to stay at the top for many years to come! Well done! #Singapore #cht #codinghappyteens #exceedingexpectations #qualityoverquantity #solidfoundation #competitive