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Hello and welcome to Coding Happy Teens! My name is Pheelip. I am a seasoned technology leader with more than 20 years of experience. I have put together many highly motivated and skilled technical teams for mission-critical systems, delivering values that matter to the business.

With a strong technical background, I knows how technology works. I have helped many projects transitioned into operation successfully, and continued to optimize the performance of these systems. Anchored on strong service mindset and success principles, I have introduced practical agile and lean ways of working which reduce operational overheads while accelerating time-to-value.

I am not keen to just run technology for technology’s sake. I start every process with the customer in mind. I understand what it takes to engage and lead stakeholders to create values, working as a team of teams, and using proven technology and human-centered principles. I am an expert in Application Performance Management and Site Reliability Engineering.

Above all, what I care about most is the well-being of my people. Personal and professional development is of great importance to me. I constantly upgrade myself with effective people’s motivational and coaching skills. I was an expedition venturer with Raleigh International Youth Development Expedition in Sabah, Malaysia, a volunteer counselor with the Befrienders International, and on many occasions, a career mentor.

This is my “passion” project. I offer pro bono career advice to whoever is keen to kick-start or advance their careers in the technology domain. I published a book titled AIOps Checklist for Consulting and Projects, and I am proud to announce that my second book, How to navigate the digital maze – jump starting your technology career, is on the way!

I hope you will benefit greatly from the resources published at Coding Happy Teens. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best, Phee Lip

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