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Get advice on:
How to get started in an IT career?
Steps to give you a head start in a tech career
Creating a technology career road-map that is personalized to you!

Disruption in the digital age is inevitable. The information explosion has made knowledge readily available while hunger for authenticity and creativity intensified. Emotional intelligence has no doubt become even more crucial now in a highly diverse but connected society. Leverage your strengths to jump start your IT career and differentiate you from the mass. Find out your technology career path here and start developing your dream IT career!

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Step 1: Discover your strengths for a career in tech

Take the first step in discovering what you are naturally good at by taking the High5 Test now! I am to proud to collaborate with High5 who has helped millions of people worldwide in discovering their strengths!


Step 2: Once you have received your High5 Test result, share the result link with me

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Step 3: I will provide an analysis of your IT career fit via email

The analysis will provide you a view on potential technology career fits based on your strengths result. It will be valuable in your IT career exploration, crafting the paths which suit you the best. So look out for that email in your inbox!

If there is ONE thing that I want you to take away from here, it is the realization that you are special. You have strengths which are unique to you and you have the capabilities to achieve anything you want in life!

Remember. Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

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